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Sunshine Roofing and General Contracting is your ultimate destination for premium roofing services in South Florida. Homeowners rely on our licensed team for hassle-free roofing solutions, such as replacements, restorations, and waterproofing systems. We also offer free inspections to save you from costly roofing issues when buying a new home. Our goal is to get you top-quality roofs at the best prices and with maximum insurance discounts. So why wait? Contact us today and make your home shine!

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Restore or replace your roof with no money down and no payments for a whole year! You can also enjoy savings of up to 40% on insurance premiums when you retrofit your roof trusses and replace your windows. Give us a call to learn more about our fantastic financing roof and window programs.

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Choosing an experienced roofing professional is the best way to ensure your home complies with the new Florida codes and insurance requirements. Trust us to check if your roof is up to par with the latest standards while keeping costs as low as possible. Get a free estimate and see why we’re the superior choice for your certification reports and roofing needs!

Finance Available/Free Estimate